We have heard so many times of people saying how wonderful it is to have a place on their own with a beautiful garden space and neighbourhood where you feel the happiness of living in a place that belong to you. it’s true, that it honestly is a good feeling to have a property that belongs to you and you have the chance of re-designing it, decorating it the way you wish and use it the way you want but then again, there are definitely situations where living in a flat or an apartment could be a good option. When most of the people save up to move into a house, I’m talking about the good things an apartment can do not to go beyond the reality but just as a means of showing the bright side of staying in a flat.

The problem with all of us is that, the times we live in a flat, we die to move out to a place of our own while we are in a house, we may see the good things about a flat. This read is mainly focused for all those people who are living in a flat or consider moving into a flat for some reason to see the good side of living in one. When you are planning into moving into a flat, even a small advertisement saying property Bangkok condo rentals would trigger up your brain to reach out and see how much it would cost move out.  However the following are some of the benefits that I personally see in living in a flat.


If you look up for Bangkok condo rentals, you will see they are much cheaper than the mortgage payments you will have to incur monthly. Additionally, if you own a house you will have to spend on repairs and renovation but in this case the landlord or agent will be doing the maintenance and you don’t have to spend on anything other than the bills and monthly payment.


If you are to buy a house, mortgage will be extremely high in a house close to the city but if you are working somewhere in the city, renting out can be a good option as travelling will be much easier that way. Also rather than living in a house far away from the city and travelling for hours spending a lot on transport, you can even find a better option which will be cost effective. Finally security will also be good in an apartment complex as they will not be isolated and will come in a unit. Although you feel like living in a house is great, living in an apartment can also be great due to this less commitment you have to put into it.