Having a perfectly smooth flawless skin is almost becoming an obsession now, primarily because it is promoted as seductive by media. A problem that taunts many is the recurrent growth of body hair. There are several methods that are currently in use, but as explained below, over the years more and more sophisticated methods have developed to give better results. It is not only women and gay men who seek hair removal treatments. Some sports, such as swimming, require the even men to have hairless skin to help them glide through the water faster. Let’s explore the most common methods of hair removal that are currently in use.

Shaving is the most common and fastest method of hair removal. It is a simple method and is what most resort to when they need a quick fix. However, there are a few common problems associated with this that makes this technique people look for alternatives. First this is a very temporary solution. By shaving you only remove the part of hair above your skin. The time it takes for the hair to grow back depends on the individual, but with regular shaving the hair tends to get thicker and grow back at a faster rate. Not to mention the skin also becomes coarse after a while. Some people also develop allergies to the blade. Cuts can also be a problem.

This is where usually used for facial rejuvenation Sydney. For this a looped thread is skilfully manipulated to remove hairs from the follicle. It is more long lasting than shaving and the rate at which the hairs regrow is not as impacted as it is in shaving. Although commonly used this is a somewhat painful technique, especially the first time. It can be done by yourself, but a certain amount to of skill is required. If not you may cut your fingers.

Hair removal creams and waxing
This is a simple technique where a cream is applied on your skin and removed after some time. While on the skin the cream burns away the hair, but does not harm the surrounding skin. There is no pain, but sensitive skin types may develop allergies. Waxing is where a warm wax is applied and once it is dry it is removed by pulling off the strips of cloth attached to it. It is rather a painful method. In both cases residual chemicals may have an effect upon prolonged use.

Laser treatment
Laser hair removal is the latest method of treatment. It uses a focussed laser beam to burn follicle cells. Treatment takes place over a few sessions and by the end of it you will have smooth skin. The laser does not usually burn the skin. Since the follicle cells are damaged hair doesn’t regrow for a long time. Even when it does it will only show very little growth. This technique however is not effective for everyone. It works better on people with fair skin. For those with darker skin tones, darkening of skin may occur.
Of these methods the cheapest and easiest is shaving. The most costly but most effective procedure is laser treatment. All other methods usually vary depending on your choice of product.