Rafts that are made of fiberglass are sturdy yet lightweight, making them easy to maintain as well. This is in contrast to vessels that are made from wood. If wooden vessels suffer damage, that can lead to expensive maintenance work. When fiberglass vessels are damaged, owners who have working knowledge of repairing such rafts will be able to do the same. The other great quality of fiberglass rafts is that, they look as good as new when a new layer of fiberglass is applied to a damaged part. Hence, it is easy to maintain the original look of such vessels.

Addressing damaged areas
When one wishes to repair a fiberglass raft, they need to first cut away the area that is damaged. It is necessary that all damages are stripped away as well as some more area of the boat surface is removed. As such boats are usually waxed, before you start the boat service Gold Coast you need to apply solvent to the applicable area. It is necessary that you get rid of the wax before you begin. Not only will this make the repair work easier, but also prevent the inner surface from weakening or developing cracks. After the wax is removed, a disk sander can be used to create a dull and uniform look on the surface surrounding the hole. You can then proceed to apply paste wax on this surface. One can use different materials for repairing a fiberglass raft, but it is best to keep a repair kit handy.

Covering the damaged area
You might have a fiberglass raft with new marine engines, but to repair any damaged area, you need to apply Plexiglas or Formica on the inner surface and cover up the hole. The materials that are supplied in the kit usually comprise of resin and hardening agent. The mix should be done properly and then applied on the damaged spot. Smoothening out the area will complete the process. If there is only superficial damage, you can sand the area and then apply plastic filler. If you are unable to do such repairs by yourself, you can call in new marine engines Brisbane for boats. There are several such vendors who will send across a repairman to your home or dock area and the repair will be done under your supervision. You will also be given guarantees for the work done so that, in case any problem persists, you can call back at the service and get the fix repeated till the damage is addressed fully.