Decking offers a wonderful outdoor space to relax and relieve stress. Installing a decking can make an awesome addition to the front or the back of the garden, thereby creating an extra space for dining, reading, relaxing and entertaining guests. There is a wide range of decking materials to choose from. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that wooden and composite decking options are still on the lead. In other words, they remain the most popular choice. The reasons why the vast majority of homeowners opt for wooden decking are manifold. And here are some of these reasons.

Wood is naturally beautiful. It can offer the house the attractiveness, it needs. Wood is durable and is also a renewable resource. Since it is a natural product, it feels great under bare feet. This can be especially important during the winter seasons. The main problem with wood is that it requires a lot of maintenance. For example, one will have to clean and polish it in a frequent basis. Plus, wood is subject to warping, rotting, and decay. This means that a homeowner will have to replace it at one point of his life. However, there are strong and durable woods that can last for many decades provided it is well-maintained.

Today, outdoor decking Adelaide have developed new ways to improve the strength and durability of wood. They often treat it with a variety of chemicals that prevent rot and insects such as ants. Aside from that, there are also timber substitutes and composite decking is one of them. Other artificial wood decking materials include vinyl and PVC. Composite decks contain plastic and wood fiber. Cedar, treated wood, redwood or matured wood are some of the popular materials used to make composite decking. The choice of a composite deck material will depend on the local climate. There are many reasons why composite deck materials are gaining in popularity day by day.
Generally, the composite decking is made in such a way that it is resistant to warping, splitting and rotting. This is, in fact, the major selling point here. Plus, composite decking requires very little maintenance; it does not have need of stains, paints or refinishing like its wooden counterpart. All one has to do is just to clean it once in a while and it will remain just as glossy as the day it was bought. Also, a composite deck is not prone to scratches and dullness.

Then again, the durability of composite decking materials cannot compare to the regular wood. Composite deck is typically strong and can last two to three times longer than traditional wooden decks. This makes it ideal for supporting heavy fixtures and furniture. When it comes to choice, there are many colors, designs and shapes of composite decks to choose from. And because it is an artificial wood, a homeowner will not have to worry about termites and wood destroying ants. Lastly, one will not have a hard time installing a composite deck and outdoor fireplace designs because it is easy to do so.